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Bathroom taps

Bath taps

In olden days, people used to wash their hands by fetching the water from the well through a bucket. Then they made some progress by digging underground boring systems and fixed a pump on the surface of the ground and used to wash, bathe and do other household activities by joggling the hand pump, a predecessor of the modern bathroom tap.

But then someone thought of providing more facility to the people and invented bath taps which still exist attached to the showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks.

There is a wide range of bathroom taps and mixer taps for those bathtub-shower combinations, and those designed to be used with stand-alone bathtubs and showers available in the market. Some taps are made in such a way that they regulate hot and cold with just one handle.

There are also two-handle bath taps, offering as well a wide selection of colours and materials, the most common of them being chrome and brass. At Bolan, you will find Italian design taps in different styles which would enhance your bathroom's appearance.