In 1993, Bolan was born with the aim of offering a new style of living for the bathroom.
The history of this company is evolving with continuous research and new offers capable of making you live your bathroom in a new way, combing innovative bathroom accessory design
and functionality.
The use of quality materials, a meticulous processing, state-of-the-art concentration on state-of-the-art constructive technologies combined with an always original, contemporary and
refined design help confer exclusivity to the product and the room where it is fitted:
these are Bolan’s points of strength.
A bathroom accessory manufacturer proposing intelligent fittings, characterised by style and quality and which thanks
to their extreme versatility fit into any dimension and space.
Hundreds of solutions of bathroom supplies and furnishing, able to meet the requirements of modern furnishing
design, for rooms where to save living-space is very important and where you are free to express without limit any furnishing  modern concept, able to make your bathroom the most important room of your house.