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Two are the accessories collections available : Alfa and Ethos. Alfa by linear and minimalist design made of aluminium in silver or blue colour, Ethos by the harmonic design where the elliptical shapes are constantly present, made of chromed brass and transparent or sanded crystal glass. For both accessories collections, there are two respective designed tap lines.

The stylistic research to design and to build of bathroom furnish go on a new idea to live the bathroom. Every product have to be useful to take care and cleaning of the person, but also have to go beyond his mere functionality to became a furnish element. Dress you bathroom with a new furnish, fresh, modern, elegant and functional. Bring a breadth of freshness in an environment stifled for long by heavy shaped, and start your day with a wave of joy. You can choose between a large range of furnishing wash basins, where design constantly meets the functionality and the most different materials like precious metals, woods, crystal, resins are learnedly placed between they. Many different solutions, able to satisfied any modern bathroom furnishing exigency, whether when to save space is very important or when the fantasy can express one�s without any imposed limit of the space at disposition.

The stylistic research to design the modern furnishing bathroom, go on to a new idea to live the bath room. Sfera is a collection of forged crystal glass wash basins , that remember the main element present in the bathroom , the water. The crystal glass wash basin is the result of the research of the shape of water inside of his container. Sfera sinks are available in two dimensions, 32 and 43 cm of diameter. Made of transparent glass or sanded, cobalt blue, bordeaux or green, if you want it is possible to made sinks coloured like you want, and also in 36 cm of diameter. These wash basins laid over the top are perfectly to use in classic style rooms, but more better for modern and minimalist furnishing solutions, thanks to the crystal light aesthetic. The round shape is suitable for all dimension and design of the below furniture but especially of small or medium size. The very small contact surface of the sink with the top, allowed the total use of the work plane, to lean on all the things that every day you need to use in bathroom. If you place the tap in the side of the sink, or in the wall, you can to reduce the width of the below furniture, even if you have a big wash basin. This give you the possibility to furnish in elegant way, also small bathrooms. Crystal glass tops:
The maxim expression of the modern design to have elegant furnishing solutions, but with extremely functionally, thanks to the top made in one piece with the wash basin. We make perfectly transparent crystal glass top, sanded or coloured like you want, in any shape and dimensions on specifically indications of the client, with one or two basins of round shape, oval, elliptic and rectangular, with top length from 60 to 250cm, and width from 45 to 70cm and more. The large range of shape and dimensions of the wash basins , the variety of the colours that you can choose, from the white to the pastel colours to the cacao or black, the square shape or rounded of the tops are the optimal solution for any exigency of modern furnishing in the house and in the naval.

The stainless steel sinks are a reference point for the modern bath furnishing, where the choice of the steel like material, ennoble the furnishing and in the same time it is resistant at the time and to the corrosive action of the water, guaranteeing a perfectly antibacterial hygiene, reason why are used in the medical offices and hospitals. The shiny of the stainless steel reflects and multiplies the light making pleasant and flashing games of reflections that makes lively the bathroom. The wash basin gets over his mere function of container and became a furnish thing. Bolan produce a large range of glossy stainless steel sinks, and by request is possible to have the sinks in satined stainless steel. Of rectangular shape, oval, and round are available in many diameters, they satisfied every furnishing exigency in small and big rooms. Easily to install on all materials ( wood, metal, crystal, marble and tiled tops ) they are suitable to assembly on or under the tops, and they show all their best when they are fixed on the transparent crystal glass tops. Thanks to high resistance of the steel and to the modest weight are specially suitable to use in the nautical sector. The porcelainized steel sinks, are for people that prefer traditional materials and colours ( white ) for the bathroom and guarantee the maxim cleaning and hygienic .

On the containers made by bolan, design and functionality are the two main factors by them are designed, to have the best use of the space and the best practicality of use. Made with high quality materials and modern technology, they can be used harmonically in any modern bathroom furnishing.

Bolan produce a wide bathroom furnishing program of minimalist design, to satisfied the wishes of the most exigent and qualified interior design, but always with particularity attention to the practicality of to use. The big and strong total extraction system drawers in steel silver colour with high smoothness guides, and shock-absorber closing system, permit the optimal exploitation and comfortable of the inside spaces of these bathroom furniture. A modular program of washbasin bases, chest of drawers and wall cabinets, permit to furnishing with elegance and style very small rooms, thanks to the wash basin bases, smallest length 60 cm, and big and luxury bathrooms, where the tops in crystal glass, Tecnoril, Corian and ceramic can be made with 300 cm length. Many are the over top wash basin models or the tops with the integrated wash basins of the same material. A wide range of mirrors permit to have many pairings. Wide is the choose of the glossy or mat colours, and eight are the kind of woods that you can choose.