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Glass vessel

Glass vessel

The vessel wash-basin made of glass produced by Bolan highlights some of the basic characteristics marking the company. In fact, it is a product owning an innovating design in which every single detail is carefully taken care of. Bolan Srl always pays extreme attention to the choice of materials.

This is the first step toward the manufacturing of reliable, high quality products. Moreover, an in-depth stylistic research accompanies the creation of every new line of products so as to satisfy the customers both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

There are several options for sinks apart from ceramic, steel, porcelain, etc. A sink, especially an Italian glass sink, is another option for the main bathroom vessel which is often attached to a cabinet or platform of some sort. The prestigious bathroom company, Bolan, is creating a bevy of beautifully painted Italian glass sinks as the company itself is based in Italy.

Today's pedestal sinks would make any modernist green with envy. They have such an expert team that if you send them your piece of wall paper, tile or picture, they will custom paint a sink for you. Glass sinks are available in a variety of colours and special finishes including a metal one. Also there are glass sinks that change colour according to water temperature.